Kenjutsu has often been called Japan’s premiere martial art. It is the art of using the Japanese sword, specifically once it has been drawn from the saya (sheath). Battojutsu is the art of drawing and cutting in one fluid motion for the purpose of ending a conflict with one decisive cut.

Kobu Shin Ryu is a school for learning these traditional martial arts of the samurai. Training consists of kata (solo forms with iaito and paired forms with bokken), kumitachi (with bokken), and tameshigiri (test cutting with live swords). Ours is an aggressive style modeled on the surviving old traditions of Japan (koryu). Although nobody fights with swords in today’s world, our practice is conducted as if we did.

Learning these ancient techniques brings skills and abilities which are applicable in our daily lives: the confidence to face difficulties, to remain calm under pressure. Practicing with the sword harmonizes the mind, body and spirit, it also creates resiliency of the body and openness of the mind that allows one to find solutions in life which otherwise might not be found.

For those who don't know what kenjutsu is, the history page contains a brief description of this Japanese sword art and how we practice it. Anyone who is interested in observing a class, training, or just learning more about our style may contact us for more information. 

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